• jetNEXUS provide innovative, market leading solutions for application acceleration, load balancing and application delivery technology. jetNEXUS is a successful, profitable and privately owned company with extensive industry experience since 2001. The product portfolio is accessible to a wide and varied client base, ranging from simple, cost effective point solutions to Enterprise-grade application delivery gateways.

  • jetNEXUS understands that this technology is mission critical and as such, maintain a tenacious focus on the quality of our products and technical support. Via a network of head offices in London, United States and Malaysia (with partners worldwide), jetNEXUS continually strives to deliver outstanding support to our partners and customers regardless of location. The approach to this international presence is: Global Voice, Local Accent.

  • With a pragmatic attitude to product development, jetNEXUS aims to include the features that deliver the biggest difference to the end user experience. These features are packaged in a format that is flexible, intuitive and easy to configure. We want to ensure that every interaction we have with our customers and partners is positive.

  • The jetNEXUS ALB-X load balancer guarantees server availability and optimised application delivery at an affordable price.

  • The jetNEXUS ALB-X signifies a move beyond the traditional approaches to web load balancing, by combining Layer 7 Load Balancing, Compression, SSL Offload and Content Caching in one comprehensive solution, designed for outstanding application delivery, high performance, scalability and the flexible management of online services.


  • The new release of the ALB-X continues to dramatically improve the performance, reliability and manageability of application delivery environments whilst delivering performance upgrades and increased functionality.

flightPATH :

  • flightPATH is a powerful routing engine which enables clients to create and implement bespoke application rules. flightPATH will considerably improve day-to-day traffic management for users, giving them the ability to block unwanted requests, rewrite user requests, control spiders and fix broken URL’s to name but a few.


  • The new GUI offers superb ease-of-use with drag and drop functionality and dynamically updated performance statistics. There are also significant improvements to reporting and graphing for superb management.

Multi Networks :

  • Add virtually unlimited networks and network interfaces.

Improved Performance :

  • Significant performance improvements: x4 and x2 for HTTPS on existing hardware and VM.

jetNEXUS Competitive Matrix :

Features jetNEXUS ALB-X Barracuda 440 Cisco CSS11501S-C Kemp LM-2600 F5 1600 LTM
LAN Ports: 10/100/1000 NICS 4/8 2 1 4 4
Max Throughput
Without Acceleration 12 Gbps 950Mbps 6 Gbps (aggregate) 1.7 Gbps 1 Gbps
With Acceleration 10 Gbps Info Not Available 500 Mbps Info Not Available 50 Mbps+
Layer 7 Web Load Balancing
Advanced Server Monitoring
Advanced Reporting / Logging
Real Server Support Per Cluster 1024 50 1024 1000 TBA
SSL Acceleration
(600 tps)

(200 tps)

(1400 tps)

(2000 tps)

(500 tps+)
Web Acceleration
TCP Offload
HTTP Multiplexing
HTTP Buffering
Web Compression
Advanced Tuning
Web Content Caching
Rule Based
High Availability + Load Sharing N+M
Application Traffic Management (flightPATH GUI Rules) Partial Partial Partial
Application Security Management (flightPATH GUI Rules) Partial Partial Option
Virtual Appliance Support
VMware ESX
VMware Workstation
Citrix XenServer
Microsoft Hyper-V
With Restriction