Proteus is an easy-to use communication management solution that captures and records data on incoming, outgoing and internal communications directly from a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Internet Protocol (IP) telephony system or dealer board system. Proteus delivers a new generation of integrated communications solutions for businesses by offering landline phone, mobile, Internet and e-mail analysis in real time.

Proteus automatically interprets this data and presents the information in professional management reports. Customers use Proteus to allocate costs throughout the company, increase network efficiency, verify bills, monitor call traffic and employee activity and respond to calls made to emergency services (E911 or 999).

Proteus Call Management Software (Features) :

Proteus Enterprise is the first truly integrated communications management system to offer fixed line, mobile, Internet and email call analysis and reporting. It’s developed by CTI Data Solutions in London, UK. The company comprises over 35 years of experience in the communications solutions arena. Metelco ( is the Middle East representative for the Proteus system. Proteus is designed specifically for medium to large sized business, Proteus Enterprise offers managers all the information needed to optimize the performance and cost effectiveness of all of their communication systems, whilst delivering a comprehensive business tool to combat the increasing risk of fraud and internal abuse of communications resources. By using Proteus Enterprise call logging software you can :

  • Allocate communications costs by department
  • Prevent fraudulent use of your telephone systems
  • Improve customer service by measuring call answering times
  • Identify which web sites are being visited by whom and restrict access
  • Monitor use of your email systems and identify abuse
  • Track call costs for mobile telephones
  • Produce integrated management reports for all communications types

Benefits of Proteus Enterprise Call Management Software :

  1. Proteus call logging software can monitor traffic across unlimited remote sites using the latest IP buffering technology, enabling control of all communications from a central location. In addition, Proteus has a feature rich reporting functionality that allows tailor-made reports via a highly flexible filtering system and choice of export options.
  2. Proteus encompasses four modules: Fixed-line, Mobile, Email and Internet. This makes Proteus unique from its competitors where the focus is only on the fixed-line. In today’s business environment companies are far more concerned with cost-savings and enhanced performance than ever before. Therefore, effectively managing its data stream is a significant factor in a company’s success.
  3. Proteus is compatible with all types of PBX.
  4. Proteus can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be emailed to you or the relevant department automatically at pre-determined intervals, minimizing user intervention but ensuring call management reports are delivered on time and to the right people.
  5. Proteus comes complete with a real-time call monitor, providing instant monitoring of all, or filtered calls.
  6. Proteus’ carrier comparison report allows you to compare telephone bills with other carrier rates, ensuring you are always getting the best prices.
  7. Proteus costing reports can provide a quick tool to verify your telephone bill and allocate costs. E.g. by using account codes, customers can allocate costs to specific projects.
  8. Account Codes can also be allocated to all or some of the extensions within an organisation. These can be “Forced Account Accounts”.
  9. Proteus Web provides optimum flexibility to use Proteus from any PC that can connect to your network with IE5 and above, or Netscape. This enables you to perform all your call management tasks from anywhere in the world.
  10. Proteus Alarms can be configured to target specific types of calls, such as premium rate numbers and calls over a specific duration or cost. When any of the call types are matched, Proteus Alarms instantly notifies you by screen pop, email or a message to your mobile phone.
  11. Proteus Intranet Directory provides a powerful on-line company address book with a superb search facility, eliminating outdated paper formats.