Red Box systems are reliable and stable which are both key factors in non-stop voice recording environments. The Red Box system performs on a straightforward, web-based user interface ensuring calls can be replayed quickly and easily, and fills key business requirements where recording is vital for liability, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring purposes.

Red Box is our new voice recording solution, capable of recording traditional (TDM), VoIP and hybrid telephony solutions in a single recorder. Red Box systems are infinitely scalable, capable of recording from 4 – 512 channels in a single recorder. Red Box has the flexibility to connect additional recorders and provide a multi-site solution capable of recording thousands of channels.

System Features

  • Supports multiple formats in one box, including analogue, digital, trunk and multiple VoIP protocols
  • No third party software requirements
  • Secure call store
  • Time stamped recordings
  • 4 – 512 recording channels per recorder
  • Mixed inputs from traditional telephony or VoIP
  • 200 channels of VoIP
  • 480 channels of E1 ISDN
  • 192 channels of digital or analogue connectivity
  • Capacity to record an unlimited number of channels as well as a combination of ip, digital and analogue channels
  • Designed, built and supported in the UK
  • Enabled for use with existing NAS and SAN storage systems. This increases the amount of calls that can be stored while reducing the cost
  • Archiving of calls on to removable media via NXA tape
  • Roving license
  • SNTP as a licensed upgrade
  • APIs for easy to implement applications