telisca is a software development company specialized in telephony over IP (TOIP) and computer telephony integration (CTI).telisca provides 30+ applications for Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Contact Center.

We are Cisco Partners :

telisca is Solution partner of the Cisco Developer Network. As such, telisca has access to a test lab, a developer support agreement and regularly checks compatibility with the latest Cisco Unified Communication Manager releases.Our products are distributed in France, Europe, Africa, and Middle-East through a network of Cisco telephony integrators. telisca products are used by over 200 customers with several hundred thousand IP Phone licences installed.

Applications for IPT Administrators and integrators for migration, provisioning, users’ credentials management, phones control…

  • CUCMQuery

Query tool for CallManager database. Launch queries, navigate tables, update and extract data.

  • Delog-Relog

Apply changes to Device Profiles in bulk : logout all large numbers of users from Extension Mobility and log them back in as they were before.

  • Morning Check

Automate testing operations

  • Phone Robot

Execute macro scripts of keystrokes remotely on your phones: change the network settings, delete security certificates, take a screenshot…

  • Pin and Password Manager

Solution for resetting PIN codes & passwords – for the user, for support or for the administrator

Telisca provides simple and cost effective solutions for all your requirements with audio / IVR elements.

  • Busy Alerter

Know when someone is already on a call. Choice to wait, leave a message, program a callback.

  • TAnnounce

A welcome message and simple IVR with call statistics for Cisco CallManager.

  • Voice Alert

Triggers pre-recorded audio alerts to large number of phones with receipt confirmations.

  • Wake-up Call

Audio menu to program voice alarms (wake-up calls, for instance).

  • Recording Notification

Warns the caller that the call will be recorded

  • Desktop Popup

Dialing and caller ID on your desktop with CRM integration.

  • Silent Monitoring

Allows a supervisor to listen to the calls of team members.

  • ClickNDial

Directory and dial tool for Cisco Communications Manager

  • IPS Global Directory

Unifies all your corporate contacts and puts them at your fingertips for search, caller ID, maintenance…

  • Corporate Speed Dials

Centralised management of Speed Dials.

  • Export / UDS

Update LDAP/AD directory, export text file, simultate Cisco UDS directory

  • IPS Popup / Reverse Lookup

Caller ID, reverse lookup on your IP Phones

  • Personal Directory

Browse your personal contacts (Outlook, Notes, Exchange and Domino) from your IP Phones, Jabber, Web browsers…

  • Provisioning

Automate CallManager and Unity records creation, update and deletion from you usual databases (AD, LDAP or any other)

  • Web Directory

Web Directory is a web based interface to search and edit all the contacts configured in IPS Global Directory from your browser.

  • IPS Lock

Lock your phone with one button to prevent outgoing calls.

  • IPS Manager Assistant

Manager Assistant call filtering, the best alternative to Cisco IPMA.

  • IPS Pager

Text messages and PA system for Cisco IP Phones

  • IPS Phone Config

Control your forwards, PIN, locale, buttons… directly from your Cisco phones.

  • Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams applications

SkypeNDial / SkypeNStatus send calls from Skype to your Cisco Phone plus update Skype presence status from your Cisco phone.Recording notification for Skype for Business – legal compliance – warns the caller (and/or called party) that the call is being recorded.Receive Alerting notification via audio or text messages to your Microsoft Teams client with Voice Alert.

  • telisca Jabber Applications

Web Directory – Conference Center – IPS Manager Assistant – Pin & Password Manager

  • Call Restriction Override

Case by case authorisation to allow users to make restricted calls.

  • Line Group Manager

Tool for facilitating call handling in organizations with a large number of agencies

  • Missed Calls Email Alerter

Sends an email notification when you miss a call.

  • Telisca Attendant Console

PC application for the simple and efficient handling of incoming calls for switchboards

  • Telisca Conference Center

Manages audio and video conference bridge resources on CUCM clusters and routers

  • Telisca Single Sign-On

Forget about logging in your IP Phone forever! Windows session – Extension Mobility Single Sign On.

Custom development services :

Telisca also provides bespoke development services for CTI (JTAPI,TAPI), Call Centers applications (UCCE) and Cisco IP Phone (XML Services) projects. Telisca partners with telephony integrators to fulfill specific requirements from customers.

Technical expertise :

Telisca combines specialist know-how (telephony and call centers) with expertise in software development. Telisca was founded in 2004, with its headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France; an office has opened in London in 2012. The company offers turnkey development services in CTI (Computer Telephone Integration), Cisco IP phone applications, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and the Cisco Unified Contact Center – Enterprise or Express. Telisca’s expertise includes:

  • IP Phone XML applications
  • CUCM and Unity Connection provisioning : AXL SOAP, CUC REST
  • Call Control, Presence : JTAPI, Jabber SDK, Web Dialer SOAP
  • UCCE Call center applications : CTIOS, Finesse
  • Recording : Mediasense

Telisca develops specific integration solutions to link your CRM application (product or custom) to your telephony system, from a simple popup to a full telephony integration.

Telisca can also develop for specific applications the Cisco IP Phone and integrated with your information system. These applications take advantage of Cisco IP Phone large LCD screen to provide an easy to run and a straight forward solution to access vital company data or automate frequently used tasks.

Finally, telisca has broad experience in Call Center management and applications such as : CRM, scripting tools, Predictive Dialers, call center statistics, ACD/IVR scripts.